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General information:
The innovative M.F. Eco-Dye is a high temperature, high pressure air & liquid dyeing machine, suitable for a wide range of knitted and woven fabrics: 100% Polyester, Polyester blends, etc.
With its newly designed blower we were able to reduce the power consumption again and as well the volume (dB) at the dye-house.
High efficient and economic, the M.F Eco-Dye saves over 50% water, 40% auxiliaries and steam consumption compared with traditional dyeing machines.

Technical details:
- Touch screen controller
- Chamber capacity max. 250 kg
- Fabric winch drive max. 600 m/min,depending on fabric properties
- Liquor ratio start at 1:3
- Frequency controlled pump motor
- Automatic seam detector
- Fabric circulation control
- Electro-pneumatic operated valves
- Operating temperature up to 140℃
- Teflon tube chamber
- Adjustable chamber, machine load can be reduced up to 60%
- Fast dosing system, bypass function
- Low noise inside blower
- Control cabinet in stainless steel
- Electronic water meter
- Electronic measurement of liquor ratio
- Frequency regulated unloading winch

- Hot water stock tank, preparation of the complete process bath
- Second service tank
- HT drain
- Double rope unloading device
- Self cleaning filter
- Unloading plaiter
- Power drain function

Product Name: MULTI-FLOW Eco-Dye 2nd